Pi-CRIS (Clinical Research Innovative Services) is a clinical research consulting
organization, niche provider of a wide range of GCP clinical research related
activities, including Auditing, Regulatory, Training, and Pharmacovigilance services to
CROs, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological companies, clinical trial investigational
sites and academic institutions.

At Pi-CRIS, we are committed to bringing innovative quality systems and
comprehensive training programs to our clients.
One of our key advantages is our expertise in the clinical research business across
the Latin-American region.

Pi-CRIS services are geared towards development of clinical research personnel in
compliance with all applicable regulations and international / local standards. The
advantage of not being in the business of conducting or managing clinical trials,
gives Pi-CRIS the independency of acting as a 3rd quality approach and prospective.

PiCRIS Consulting and Pharma Consult Global
are proud to deliver CPD accredited training
via a unique eLearning platform.

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